The Resus4Kids e-Learning modules have been designed to be completed in stages. You can do a little, go away and come back. They are made up of a number of self-paced, interactive modules, incorporating audio and video segments to stimulate the learner.

The e-Learning provides life support training for Health Care Rescuers. You MUST complete the e-Learning component before you attend the practical course . It will equip you with the theory you will need to practice on the day.

The Resus4Kids e-Learning  modules can be accessed via:

My Health Learning (NSW Health Employees ONLY)

Resus4Kids Training Portal (NON NSW Health Employees)

Your own organisations Learning Management System (for organisations with subscriptions)

Optional Advanced e-Learning Modules
Resus4Kids has developed advanced e-Learning modules which are available to all users as part of the Resus4Kids Paediatric Life Support for Healthcare Rescuers. The advanced modules are optional and completion is not required prior to attending the Resus4Kids Paediatric Life Support for Healthcare Rescuers practical course. They provide learners with extra knowledge in relation to the management of a paediatric collapse.

Interactive Head Tilt

Click on the up and down arrows to see how a slight head tilt of an infants head can affect the airway