RESUS4KIDS – Paediatric Life Support for Healthcare Rescuers offers paediatric life support training for healthcare rescuers who may be involved in the initial resuscitation of an infant or child in respiratory or cardiac arrest.

RESUS4KIDS – Basic Life Support for Allied and Community Healthcare Rescuers offers infant, child and adult basic life support training for allied healthcare professionals who may be involved in the initial resuscitation of a collapsed patient.

While the original focus of RESUS4KIDS was NSW public health, the programs are now used throughout Australia in the public and private health sectors, within universities and ambulance services.

RESUS4KIDS programs are delivered in an interdisciplinary context from an undergraduate level through to staff specialists and educators and is currently taught to doctors, nurses, paramedics, allied healthcare professionals and university students.

Individual agreements can be mode for both programs. Agreements can also be made for organisations outside of Australia.

How to Get Access

RESUS4KIDS is FREE to all NSW Health Employees. For people not working for NSW Health, the program is available at a cost.

RESUS4KIDS is available free of charge to all NSW Health employees via HETI Online.

You can find RESUS4KIDS on HETI Online via searching the term ‘RESUS4KIDS’. NSW University students may access RESUS4KIDS via the RESUS4KIDS Training Portal.

RESUS4KIDS is also available to non NSW Health healthcare workers via the alternative portal RESUS4KIDS Training Portal.

Your organisation will need to contact the RESUS4KIDS Program Manager Robyn Galway to arrange access and there may be a charge for this.

The program is delivered in two components: an e-learning module followed by a short practical course.

As of June 2016, 59,217 healthcare workers have completed the e-learning program and 35,597 participants have successfully completed the short practical course. There are over 1,835 qualified RESUS4KIDS trainers and 94 Super trainers across Australia

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RESUS4KIDS is ARC 2016 compliant and includes optional e-learning modules on intraosseous access, the 4Hs and 4Ts, abnormal cardiac rhythm management, Paediatric Intubation, Neopuff and a train the trainer refresher module.

RESUS4KIDS is a NSW Health project however it is available to other states and territories within Australia and private hospitals. RESUS4KIDS is also available for health professionals outside of Australia.