Welcome to RESUS4KIDS – an education and training initiative of the NSW Child Health Networks and NSW Health.

RESUS4KIDS is a paediatric life support training program for health care rescuers who may be involved in the initial resuscitation of an infant or child in respiratory or cardiac arrest. The program is generic and designed for an interdisciplinary audience including medical and nursing students, paramedics, practising doctors and nurses and allied health workers.

“RESUS4KIDS was a finalist in The Awards for Excellence in Innovative Implementation of Clinical Guidelines of the Lead Clinicians Group.
Dr Fenton O'Leary with ex Federal Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek.”

RESUS4KIDS moves into Victoria - First course in Peninsula Health.

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  • Exciting News: RESUS4KIDS is excited to announce that Ramsay Health has adopted the RESUS4KIDS program nationally! Ramsay Health now has 100 R4K Instructors spread accross QLD, NSW, Vic an WA.
  • June 16,500 Participants:
    As of June 2014 16,500 participants across NSW, ACT and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland have completed the RESUS4KIDS Short Practical Course.

    Thank you to all the RESUS4KIDS Instructors and Super Trainers for all your hard work in helping us reach this target.

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  • National Lead Clinicians Group Awards for Excellence in Innovative Implementation of Clinical Guidelines – Sydney 12th – 13th June, 2013

    Project: RESUS4KIDS: Paediatric Life Support for Healthcare Rescuers

    Award : FINALIST
  • Margaret Allwood has received an award for Special Achievement in Quality Improvement for her work in RESUS4KIDS, from the Hunter Children’s Research Foundation Spark of Life, 2013 – Melbourne 18th – 20th May 2013
  • Poster: Standardising Paediatric Resuscitation training in NSW: RESUS4KIDS
    Authors: O’Leary, FM. & McGarvey, K.
    Award: Winner of Best Poster
  • College of Emergency Nurses Australasia, 2012 - Tasmania 10th -12th October 2012

    Poster: RESUS4KIDS: An evidence based standardised interdisciplinary paediatric life support course for healthcare rescuers.
    Authors: O’Leary, FM. & McGarvey, K.
    Award: Runner up for best poster
  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Quality Awards (QuAKs) 2010.
    Project: RESUS4KIDS – A Network wide resuscitation project.
    Authors: O’Leary, F.M., Howse, J., Festa, M., et al.
    Award: Winner in category: Partnerships with consumers and external groups.
  • RESUS4KIDS was the Judges Choice for Building the Health Workforce in the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network Quality and Innovation Awards.

RESUS4KIDS gratefully acknowledges a grant from Laerdal to support the e-learning development and deployment.